Publication Process

  • Any article sent will be given to the reviewers in that field of study who have years of experience in teaching and research.
  • The reviewers will remain unidentified to the authors throughout the review process.
  • The outcome of the review process will determine if the article will be published or not.
  • If the article is accepted, an acceptance letter will be forwarded to the corresponding author, notifying he/she the date for publication and author(s) will be informed to pay a publication fee.
  • The review is expected to take approximately three weeks.
  • Authors will be notified when the printed versions are ready.


All copyrights are retained by the author(s) with first publication right granted to ECRTD. Any copyright infringement claims should be addressed to bearing “Copyright Infringement”. A letter will be addressed to the author(s) concerned within seven days.

Publication Fee

If any article is accepted for publication, author(s) will pay a publication fee of GPB £90 (or £95 with 2 Hard Copies included). The payment method(s) will be notified to the authors by the Editors.

eMail Submission

To submit simply click on the appropriate email address from the list below: –

Journal Email Title International Journal of Mathematics and Statistics Research (IJMSR) International Journal of Law, Political Science, and Administration (IJLPSA) International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Research (IJHSSR) International Journal of English and Foreign Language Studies (IJEFLS) International Journal of Engineering and Technology Studies (IJETS) International Journal of Construction Engineering (IJCE) International Journal of Computer, Information Systems and Knowledge Management (IJCISKM) International Journal Earth and Environmental Studies (IJEES) Global Journal of English Language Teaching (GJELT) Global Journal of Agriculture and Food Sciences Research (GJAFSR) British Journal of Statistics and Probability (BJSP) British Journal of Physical and Human Geography (BJPHG) British Journal of Natural Sciences Research (BJNSR) British Journal of Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Research (BJMS) British Journal of Learning and Educational Studies (BJLES) British Journal of Human Resources and Talent Acquisition Research (BJHRTAR) British Journal of Education, Training and Development (BJETD) British Journal of Economics and Sustainability Development (BJESD) British Journal of Business and Management Research (BJBMR) British Journal of Biology, Health and Medical Science Research (BJBHMSR) British Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance Research (BJAAFR)
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