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Triticum aestivum has been examined for its allelopathic potential against rice seedling under field conditions in the pot experiments.  Allelopathic studies has been designed by using aqueous both cold and hot extracts from root and shoot straw, leachates and mulching in various pot experiments, invariably reduced the plant height, length of leaf, width of leaf, number of spike per plant, length of spike, number of seeds per spike and size of internode of the rice plant used as the test species.  The aqueous extracts obtained after 48 h were more inhibitory than 24 h. similarly 10 % W/V extracts were more inhibitory than 5 % W/V extracts. It was observed that number of leaves was not affected significantly. Leachates and mulching experiments also proved to be inhibitory. It is suggested that both wheat root and stem straw have strong allelopathic potential against the rice plant. Further studies are required to explore its behavior so as to maximize its potential against weed and minimize against crop plants.

Keywords: Allelopathic, Seedling, Triticm aestivum, Wheat

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