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The mathematical aspect of North Indian Classical music while it can hardly be claimed that all aspects of music (North Indian or otherwise) can be explained on a mathematical or a scientific basis, it stand to reasons that sound and its effect on human ears being a physical phenomenon, the origin of notes, Shrutis, Grams, Thatas and Ragas have mathematical explanation also. It is well know that sound is produced as a result of Physical vibration, whether they are directly visible or not. The vibrations have three aspect-amplitude, Frequency and the pattern. Accordingly, any sound (musical or otherwise), has three characteristics-loudness (related to the frequency or vibration which plays a pivotal role in the origin of notes, Shrutis, etc. and the determination the inter relationship of different Notes, Shrutis and also the rules for the construction of Gram, Thata and Rage. A mathematical inquiry into the structure of Classical music reveals that not only can we explain the exeact pitch or frequency of the accepted Notes and Shrutis but can also drive new Notes and Shrutis and new Grams and Ragas based on certain mathematical principal, which has resulted in a number of significant conclusions which go a long way in proving a strong mathematical basis of the system of classical music and may prove the way for inventing new pattern of music.

Keywords: Frequency, Mathematical, Music, Sound, Vibration

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