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The attacks on World Trade Center on 9/11 brought US to the rugged mountains of Afghanistan to take to task the culprits of the horrible attack. Pakistan reluctantly joined the US war on terror as a front line state. By the time the war on terror is no more confined to the ground of Afghanistan rather it has entered to the adjacent areas of Pakistan and considerable spill-over effects were also seen in the settled districts of the state. Since then, Pakistan launched a series of operations against the activities of these unwanted elements; however it has achieved a very limited success in finding an end to the problem of militarization. The peculiar aspect of the operations is that the barbarism is ever increasing which has threatened the peace of the society through a spate of suicide attacks and planted bombs. The huge exodus of locals from the flash-points to secured places has further exacerbated the situation. The internal destabilization has exposed Pakistan to the intrigues of foreign agencies that have their own axe to grind in the ongoing Great Game and play their cards from the soil of Pakistan through the brawn of Pakistanis

Keywords: Fata, Militancy, Military, Operations

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