“Single sign-on (SSO) is a property of access control of multiple related, but independent software systems. With this property a user logs in once and gains access to all systems without being prompted to log in again at each of them”-Wikipedia. We use many websites like Facebook, Gmail, bank websites and many others on a day to day basis. Every time we have to individually enter the username and password for every website, which may be troublesome. It causes password fatigue. Web browsers like Google chrome allow saving the username and password, but the password is visible in the clear in the Google chrome settings to an outsider that is, another user of the same computer. Managing passwords of social sites, banks etc becomes risky and people end up saving them in a notepad file or in  some way such that there is always a possibility of someone acquiring those passwords. This manual password management is obviously insecure. There are applications which act as password managers, which store the passwords in a centralised repository in a cryptographic form. Centralised and secure password management is the need of the day. We propose the idea of a “SINGLE SIGN ON APPLICATION” that has a master password. The user needs to login in this application which will further log him to all his websites, thus decreasing load on user and saving his time. This SSO application is secured and follows military grade security to user data. 

Keywords: Authentication, Password fatigue, Single sign on

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