British Journal of Physical and Human Geography (BJPHG)

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British Journal of Physical and Human Geography is a peer-reviewed and referred journal by the British Research Institute, United Kingdom. British Journal of Physical and Human Geography encourages original contributions around the globe .The scope of the journal includes Physical Geography: Geomorphology, Hydrology, Glaciology, Oceanography, BioGeography, Ecological and Climatology, Meteorology, Pedology, PalaeoGeography, Coastal Geography, Quaternary Science, Landscape Ecology. Human Geography : Cultural Geography, Children’s Geographies: Children and the City, Children and Technology, Children and Nature, Children and Globalisation, Methodologies of Researching Children’s Worlds, Ethics of Researching Children’s Worlds, Otherness of Childhood, Animal Geographies, Language Geography: Geography of Languages and Linguistic Geography, Sexuality and Space , Religion Geography, Development Geography, Economic Geography, Marketing Geography, Transportation Geography, Health Geography, Time Geography , Historical Geography, Political Geography, Electoral Geography, Geopolitics, Strategic Geography, Military Geography, Population Geography, Tourism Geography, Urban Geography. British Journal of Physical and Human Geography is published in both online and printed versions.

Editor-in-Chief: Dr Christopher Jackson

Associate Editor(s): Dr. Richard Stevenson, Prof. M. Sultan Bhat, Dr. Lillian Humbug, Dr . James Alan

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