Social entrepreneurship as a process that catalyzes social change and addresses important social needs in a way that is not dominated by direct financial benefits for the entrepreneur. Social entrepreneurship is seen as differing from other forms of entrepreneurship in the relatively higher priority given to promoting social value and development versus capturing economic value. The focal thrust of this paper is to explore the perspectives of social studies teachers towards integrating social entrepreneurship into social studies education in Odeda, Abeokuta South, Abeokuta North and Owede Egba Local Government Areas of Ogun State, Nigeria. A stratified random sampling techniques was used to select three hundred and twenty (320) social studies teachers in the study areas. Three null hypotheses were formulated to investigate the significance of the teachers perspective towards integrating social entrepreneurship into social studies education. A self made, validated questionnaire titled developing social entrepreneurship skills through Social Studies Education Questionnaire (DSSTSEQ) with a reliability index of 0.63 was used to elicit responses from the subjects of the study. With t-test statistical analysis at 0.05 level of significant, it was deduced that social studies teachers perspective of social entrepreneurship has a significant influence on integrating social entrepreneurship in social studies education. The implications of integrating social entrepreneurship into Social Studies Education were discussed and some necessary recommendations like government making available needed human and material resources, social studies educator reviewing their teacher preparation curriculum and other were articulated. 

Keywords: Entrepreneurs, Integrating, Social Entrepreneurship, Social Studies Education

Article Review Status: Published

Pages: 33-39 (Download PDF)

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