British Journal of Business and Management Research (BJBMR) is an international peer-reviewed and referred journal published by the British Research Institute, United Kingdom. BJBMR publishes high quality manuscripts that are of international significance in terms of design and/or findings and promote collaboration by international teams of researchers to create special issues on topics in business and management. BJBMR welcomes original research contributions in these areas: Design, Earned Value Management, Human Interaction Management, Integration Management, Interim Management, Knowledge Management, Operations Management, Organization Development, Perception Management, Planning, Process Management, Program Management, Project Management Quality Management, Requirements Management, Resource management, Risk Management, Skills Management, Spend Management, Strategic Management, Strategic Planning, Systems Management, Business: Business Ethics, Business Intelligence, Business Schools, Commerce ,Commercial Law Economics, Financial Economics, Electronic Commerce, E-business, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Government Ownership, Social Security, Human Resources, Industry Intellectual Property, International Trade, Insurance, Investment Equity Investment, Management, Management: Agile Management Change Management, Conflict Management, Conflict resolution, Constraint Management Cost Management, Crisis Management, Critical Management Studies (CMS), Management, and other related topics. International Journal of Business and Management Review is published in both online and printed versions.

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