About Great British Journals

Great British Journals is a scholarly platform for scientific publishing. In collaboration with universities, international research institutes and agencies around the world, these journals are hosted by British Research Institute (BRI) -A not-for-profit making international institution in the United Kingdom. The institute constitutes established, emerging and young researchers in both specific fields and diverse disciplines. BRI focuses on reporting high-quality empirical and original research contributions aimed to benefit researchers, practitioners and to help tackle global issues and problems.

In collaboration with various universities in the world,   British Research Institute nurtures interdisciplinary as well as international perspectives on the various research areas they are hosting,  such as business and management, engineering and technology, health, and humanities and social sciences,  with the aim of fostering international research projects and disseminating multidisciplinary  and emerging trend in research.

British Research Institute also provides a variety of programs to support and promote education, research development, and scientific publishing in partnership with research organizations, universities, international institutions and research agencies.

Amis and Scope of British Research Institute

  • Provide a platform for scientific publishing
  •  Engage in emerging areas of scientific research
  • Provide a wide range of development opportunities for early researchers
  • Provide an opportunity for international conferences for international educators and researchers
  • Our Journal Publishing Partners